Facts About Cooking

When we hear the word cooking, we always think about those cartoons that we used to see on TV named as bugs bunny. And we also get hungry for no matter when we hear someone that they are cooking something.

Even though if we have just eaten food and we see that one of our friends is cooking food, we would never ignore it because it is cooking. See this top article more about cooking tips and tricks. There is a cook in all of us some.

But some don’t use these skills because these are the only skills that need to be polished always. And if you love cooking chicken recipes, then we suggest that you keep reading. Because here we have stated some cooking facts that will unleash the chef in your;

Cooking is everything: cooking is the only thing is that is related to art, science and discipline.

Cooking is old: no matter how much bad things go on, people have to cook and people have been cooking for more than 1.8 million years to 2.3 million years ago.

Chopsticks: some love to eat with chop sticks and some hate to eat with chop sticks as well and you will be shocked to know that basically chop sticks are not for eating but they were used as cooking utensils. There is a story that once a Chinese family were eating with hands and one of them said that he challenges all the members of the family to eat with chop sticks and some won and some did not. Later people started using it as utensils.

So many chefs: like we said that there is a chef in each of us but we just don’t know yet. But you will be shocked to know that there are 941,600 chefs around the world and they are registered as well and you could be one some day as well.

Michelin Star: this star is said to be the highest international culinary award and if a chef gets this star even one star, they are the king of the chefs.

Hard boiled eggs: everyone loves eggs and that is why boiled eggs are the easiest to make and did you know that the yolks turn green while boiling them because of a chemical reaction in them.