The Four Most Important Oilfield Tools for Drilling Operations

The Four Most Important Oilfield Tools for Drilling Operations

When considering drilling operations, you should understand the different types of oilfield equipment. There are various oilfield equipment for drilling operations like mud pumps, vacuum degasser, racking boards, and mud cleaners. If you haven’t used any of these before, you need to know. These tools will help you avoid injury and maximize the production rate of your drilling operations. Here’s a brief description of each tool. You’ll be amazed at how useful they are. However, be sure to buy these tools from reputed oilfield equipment suppliers in Dubai.

Mud pump:

The mud pump is a powerful tool to move mud from a well to another location. It can be adjusted in flow rate by varying the size of liners. A mud pump comes in several types. A duplex pump, for example, is a double-acting piston pump. Its pistons move backward and forward simultaneously. This allows it to discharge mud while drawing it in when it moves forward. The double-acting pump also pumps mud at relatively high speeds. Depending on their size, some big pumps can move more than one hundred gallons per minute or 4000 liters per minute. They can also run at a maximum pressure of 7000 psi or 50,000 kPa.

Racking board:

Oilfield tools are incredibly important for every stage of the drilling process. Proper piping is essential to transport solids from the drilling site and back to the drill. Only then can drilling take place. Without the proper oilfield tools, drilling would be impossible. And without the proper piping, solids could accumulate on site. These tools must be used to ensure a smooth, cohesive workflow.

Vacuum degasser:

A vacuum degasser is a tool that is indispensable for safe drilling operations. Its efficiency is crucial in reducing gas levels in the drilling fluid. Since gas is almost insoluble in water, it’s relatively easy to detect and remove, but it’s not so easy to get rid of it in oil-based mud. Additionally, gas reduces the efficiency of mud pump and solids control equipment, so it’s vital to have a high-quality degasser.

Mud cleaner:

Mud cleaner is a piece of equipment that removes the drilled solids from expensive, unweighted liquid phases, including drilling fluids such as potassium chloride. The unit is a critical oilfield tool, as it can save up to three to five bbls of oil per hour. This tool works with various muds, including weighted water-based and oil-based fluids.