Porsche extended warranty- how one could save you money?

Porsche extended warranty- how one could save you money?

You must have heard about warranty for electronics, also automobile warranties are common. But do you know about extended warranty? If you own a Porsche or are thinking about buying one, are you not concerned about its maintenance? Yes, the company must be providing a manufacturer’s warranty along with the purchase of the car, but it is only for a limited time. You can opt for Porsche extended warranty plans that last for a longer period of time.

The Porsche extended warranty is a smart service if you plan some level of coverage beyond the normal warranty hence providing you an extra coverage. The service provides two options, one where you can extend the original level of coverage for your vehicle as provided by the company itself. Second is that you can get a limited period extended warranty. The good news is that once you subscribe for this warranty, you can access it from all the Porsche dealers, across the country and can still enjoy all the benefits that come with a normal car warranty.

Usually, Porsche has a full manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for a term of 4 years or 50,000 Miles, whatever comes first. You can transfer this warranty without any cost to different owners. During the basic warranty period, you can avail roadside assistance feature.

When you take the Porsche extended warranty, it simply eliminates the need to pay for the costly repairs that are a real headache. The extended warranty continues to cover your Porsche vehicle, even after the expiration of the manufacturer’s full warranty. In fact, if you want it lasts up to 100,000 miles.

The extended auto warranty for Porsche vehicles cover the major components and also includes the usual roadside assistance provided with the basic coverage. It also includes services catering to car rental.

As approved by Porsche, the warranty can be taken through a broker or an automotive warranty company. Once taken the Porsche extended vehicle warranty it can be used at any of the Porsche licensed repair facilities available across the State you live in by just paying the deductible amount and the rest is paid under the warranty.

The Porsche extended warranty is designed to protect you from all unwanted expenses on your Porsche vehicle even after your normal warranty expires.